Hire Dedicated Java and JavaEE
Developer from AIS

If you are looking for cost-effective solution without compromising quality, you are at the right place. We can provide you Part Time/Full Time Java Technologies developer for your complex enterprise projects. Average experience of AIS Java team is around 8 years. AIS team has excellent working experience on various Java and JVM based technologies like Java, JavaEE, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Web Services, Jasper Reports, Pentaho BI, ETL etc.

AIS provide services for creating Java web application development, Android application development, Enterprise solution development, Legacy System migration, Big Data and Analytics solutions. AIS also provides consultation of Java based projects and technical architecture re-structuring to make existing application scalable and high performant.

Java Technologies for
Web, Mobile and Desktop Platform

Java has been truly de-facto standard for developing enterprise level application since the 80’s. Like old wine, it has matured with time significantly with the addition of new features and an addition of new JVM based languages like Scala, Kotlin, Groovy, Closure etc...

Java applications offer truly platform independence by Write Once Run Anywhere philosophy. Java is open source, robust, simple, secured, Dynamic, Distributed, Multi-threaded and Architecture neutral language.

Java provides all the necessary tools and libraries which are needed for any end to end enterprise solutions. Lots of framework and libraries are developed based on Java. Spring, Hibernate, Apache Hadoop, Spark, Storm are the few very well-known name.

Java Swing is the standard way of creating the desktop based system which is ideal for Point Of Sales or Kiosk based system. For Web Applications, Java, Spring, Hibernate combined with web services or microservices is the right choice for any enterprise. For Mobile Applications, Java and Kotlin are the default option to create high performing native applications.

AIS has strong Java Development team who is experienced in creating high performing, scalable and robust enterprise applications like workflow management, document management, Content Management System etc.

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Why to hire Dedicated Java Developer from AIS?

Strong Technical team of having average 8+ years of experience in Java Technologies

Excellent Communication Skills

Immense experience working with MNC client

Outstanding skills to convert client requirement into user-friendly product features

Pay for only billable hours

Regular Status Reporting and Task Tracking for better project management

Direct Access to Developer

Cost-Effective Services with Business Value Addition

Our Process

Requirement Gathering Propose Candidates to Client Facilitate Technical Screening Signing Statement of Work (SOW) Pilot Project or Trial Period Facilitate Ongoing Development


Onsite Developer

AIS provides onsite staff augmentation services. The developers work onsite at client location as a part of client’s team.

Onshore or Nearshore Developer

Client can hire onshore remote developers working at AIS facilities in Troy, Michigan. The developers work as remote team in a professional work environment.

Offshore Developer

Client can hire offshore remote developers working at AIS facilities in Ahmedabad, India. The developers work as remote team in a professional work environment.