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Hire Dedicated Certified and Non-Certified Xamarin Developer from AIS with part/full time to work on all kind of projects.

Xamarin Mobile Application Development for Mobile and Tablets

Microsoft has acquired the Xamarin Inc. and made the numerous enhancements to the Xamarin Platform to creating the Mobile Application using the Microsoft own tools and languages like Visual Studio and C#.

The AIM was to launch the Xamarin Platform to giving the best user interface to the end users and reducing the development hurdles too with the Native Interface for the mobile application development for Android and IOS.

Xamarin does provide the flexibilities to building the applications with the native interface which can almost match the native app user interface and experience with immense of libraries to building the clean and niche application along with reducing the cost and efforts compare to Native Application Development. Xamarin also provides flexibilities to developers to build the similar as Hybrid Application with a clean and native user interface and it would help to build the multiplatform mobile application with single code which helps to reduce the efforts for the developers and client to manage the application and make the required enhancements and bug fixing quickly.

AIS is the Xamarin Consulting Partner with having the Certified and Non-Certified Xamarin Development team with capabilities to deliver the application with Xamarin and Xamarin Forms capabilities. AIS has the experience of developing the application with 3rd Party APIs interface like Payment Gateway, Geo-Fencing, Social Media, Shipping Gateway etc.

AIS has also capabilities to creating the back-end application for the front-end mobile application developed in Xamarin and Native API development for the Xamarin Applications.

AIS has delivered the Xamarin Applications for numerous industries like Energy & Oil, Manufacturing, Automotive, Automobile, Entertainment, Healthcare, E-commerce etc.

Hire Dedicated Xamarin Developer to fulfill your mobile application needs now from AIS.

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Why to hire Dedicated Xamarin Developer from AIS?

Xamarin Consulting Partner for Application Development.

Certified Development Team with average of 5+ years of experience.

Delivering the solutions since 2009.

Clean and Niche UI/UX Development.

Work with transparency

Flexibilities to Monitor project status.

Global Delivery Capabilities

Flexible Dedicated Hiring Options

Hands-on Expertise on C# and Microsoft Technologies Frameworks and Tools.

Our Process

Requirement Gathering Propose Candidates to Client Facilitate Technical Screening Signing Statement of Work (SOW) Pilot Project or Trial Period Facilitate Ongoing Development


Onsite Developer

AIS provides onsite staff augmentation services. The developers work onsite at client location as a part of client’s team.

Onshore or Nearshore Developer

Client can hire onshore remote developers working at AIS facilities in Troy, Michigan. The developers work as remote team in a professional work environment.

Offshore Developer

Client can hire offshore remote developers working at AIS facilities in Ahmedabad, India. The developers work as remote team in a professional work environment.