When you need more bandwidth with resources working onsite in your organization, this model will be more suitable to you. Your liabilities include providing required hardware, software and working space to the team. It is recommended that you have a Project Manager to control the project and assign work to the resources.

Our resources will work as your team member by giving best of their technical expertise and experience. They have versatile experience of various industry verticals that can be beneficial to your project and your organization.

Our resources are covered by our business insurance and liabilities.

Important benefit is they are supported by our internal staff members and for any technical difficulties, we have supporting staff to help them trouble shoot intricate problems that your project team may be facing.


Provide resources in few niche skills — Microsoft .Net, Telerik, Xamarin.

Our resources are internally evaluated by senior technical staff members before presented to clients.

We are not ‘recruiters’ or mere placement agency.

Our focus is the career advancement of our developers.


Provide resources for all skills.

Do not evaluate resources technically.

They are recruiters or placement agencies.

Their focus is to find projects for their resources.

We would like to know more about what your current experience with your vendors are and whether we can help you better with our developers.

Many of the IT projects are carried out by virtual team with members in different part of the country. When clients are looking for best of IT talent, the available resources may not relocate to client premises. In many such scenarios, clients prefer to use our developers working at our office in Troy, Michigan.

We have a team of strong .Net developers with skills in front-end, middle-tier and back-end programming. They are a mix of senior architects and developers. We as a team have successfully completed IT projects for large corporations in US. And we continue to maintain the systems for our clients from our office in Troy, Michigan.

We are equipped with high speed internet, HP Proliant rack servers, Cisco VPN, Windows 2012 Servers, SQL 2012 Servers and development machines with Visual Studio licenses and other development tools.

Our team can augment your IT department as a remote team member. Our team is constantly available over phone, online meetings and instant messaging.

If you are in need of additional team members who can work from our office, please get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Our off-shore development center is located in Ahmedabad, India. It is equipped with high speed internet, voice over IP Phone with US business phone number, Windows and Mac machines with all the latest development tools.

We hire some of the best IT graduates in India with degrees in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Our off-shore team constantly works with senior developers in US that helps them understand the business culture and work ethics of US. Their communication skills are at par with US immigrant IT staff.




• Microsoft Azure — Active Directory, Azure Storage, Scheduling, Mobile Services

• AWS — Amazon Web Services – Hosting and Installation support


• CloudEra Impala

• Apache Hadoop

• Pentaho Business Analytics


• ASP.Net WebForms, ASP.Net MVC

• Type Script

• HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery, Bootstrap

• Telerik Ajax RAD Controls, Telerik Kendo UI

• DevExpress, Infragistics, ceTe PDF, Dundas Maps


• iOS SDK, Objective-C

• Android SDK, Java

• Xamarin with C# .Net

• Xamarin Forms


• Responsive Web Design

• Graphics Design

• Electronic and Print Media

• HTML, CSS 3, JavaScript


• Magento

• WordPress

Anyone in IT industry today would have at least once pondered over the idea of how outsourcing would or would not benefit his business needs. Not everyone has been successful or satisfied with their own adventure at outsourcing. Outsourcing model can very well become a sink to drain all your budget if the expectations and processes are not set right.

We have had several clients who tried outsourcing to offshore companies themselves with mixed experience. When they finally approached us, we were successfully able to deliver their projects with a hybrid approach of using on-shore and off-shore teams together.

If you are still thinking about how to utilize the off-shore services better, please talk to us. We will show you our approach of delivering results through outsourcing.


• Our on-shore and off-shore team studies your project requirements and provide estimates

• The requirement and design document are prepared and submitted for the review with necessary wire-frames

• Client agrees on fixed price or hourly rate for implementation of the project

• The off-shore team develops the application with guidance from on-shore senior resources

• Client can coordinate periodic meetings; can review the work in progress and provide early feedback


• Client requests one or more resources for specific skills and length of time

• We provide resumes of available candidates

• Client interviews the candidates via video call or phone and selects resources

• Client assigns work to selected resources directly and tracks progress

• Resources work as virtual employees of the client

• Resources can be supported by other technical members in AI Software team for any technical issues


We provide monthly maintenance for your existing applications for following skills:

• .Net

• Xamarin

• Magento

• SalesForce


• Our resources hold Bachelors or Master’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering

• Experienced in IT industry for 3 years or more

• Experienced in specific skills for Web Development, Mobile Development, Database Development

• Have support of a team of senior members with vast experience in US Market

• Educated in English as a second language since Primary or Middle School

• Have above average oral and written skills in English

• Proactive communicator

• You can reach them via US Phone Number +1 (919) 673-8533

• Available on Skype or client requested instance messaging tools


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