Database is the most important asset for an organization. While the work-flow implementation, business process automation play major role in success of a business, it is the database that makes all these systems possible. Hence, a properly designed database can help businesses easily enhance their current systems and develop new systems over time as business evolves. A poorly designed database can restrict business progress and may very well cost lot of time and effort over time. If a database design does not match the pace at which business is growing, the competition wins and the business would suffer.

At AI Software, we devote considerable time to design and analyze databases:

• The database should be normalized to avoid duplication of data

• Foreign keys should be created to maintain the database integrity

• Indexes and Foreign keys should be created for faster performance of queries and the database size increase due to indexes should be watched

• Database should be extendible from beginning so when the business grows, it should be easy to add fields to tables or add new tables; separating a table into multiple tables in future can become costly in future, hence, the possible tables should be designed from beginning

• Design stored procedures, views, functions and triggers

Our team has worked on following databases:

  • MS-SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle Á PL/SQ


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Our team consists of developers and architects expert in many modern technologies and tools including following.

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