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Xamarin is a cross platform mobile app development tool to develop modern enterprise mobile applications. We provide application development and consulting services using Xamarin Native and Xamarin Forms.

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Xamarin is a leading Mobile Application Development platform that is used to create Cross Platform Mobile Applications. Xamarin is a Microsoft product.

As an enterprise your goals are to invest in mobile development platform that reduces duplicate efforts to build solutions for multiple device platforms such as iOS and Android without compromising the performance and native user experience.

Xamarin is a perfect tool to build pure native applications while still sharing the code base between iOS and Android apps to reduce the duplicate development effort.

Why to use Xamarin Platform for Mobile Application Development?

Reduce Duplicate Effort

Reduce Duplicate Effort

A typical approach for developing native apps for iOS and Android is to hire iOS developer and Android developer and build the same app twice, using two different languages and tools. Xamarin completely eliminates this duplicate effort. You can develop the app only once using Xamarin platform and publish it for – iOS, Android and Windows 10 platforms.

Familiar Programming Language

Familiar Programming Language

Xamarin development is done using C# and .Net platform. Microsoft .net is very popular platform and widely used in Enterprise businesses. Many businesses with development team may already have developers with skills in C# and .Net. These developers can be easily trained to learn Xamarin for Mobile Application development.


Share Existing code base

If your organization has existing C# code that can be utilized into mobile apps, then you can create portable class libraries (PCL) and reuse in the iOS and Android apps. For new apps as well, the common business logic can be shared across iOS and Android apps. And building apps using Xamarin Forms allows to share 90+% of code.


Supported by Solid Development Company - Microsoft

When it comes to development, Microsoft so far has the best development tools. Even though the Mobile OS like iOS and Android are created by Apple and Google, Microsoft has highest market share in developer friendly tools. Xamarin is now owned by Microsoft and its integration with Visual Studio gives far better development experience compared to XCode or Android Studio.

Why to work with Xamarin Partner such as AI Software?

fortune 500
Trusted by Xamarin

Proven and Trusted by Xamarin

Xamarin has three levels of partners – Authorized, Agency, Premier and Elite. These partners have proven track record of delivering large scale enterprise applications to consumer apps with wide user base using Xamarin platform. Xamarin partners are required to submit case studies and success stories with client reference to remain as active Xamarin partner.
Xamarin also requires their partners to have certified developers in their team. Since 2014, AI Software has submitted 3 or more success stories for medium to large scale enterprise applications.

telerik team
xamarin team

Experience working with various Industries

Xamarin partners have prior experience working with several industries. This experience guarantees the professionalism and industry best practices used by these partners. AI Software has developed mobile applications for Healthcare, Energy, Automotive and Consumer industries.

xamarin ecosystem
xamarin ecosystem

Resources trained in the ecosystem of mobile app development

Mobile App Development requires working with several different tools and platforms including – Azure Cloud, Mobile Backend, Application Insight, User Analytics etc. Developers at Xamarin Partner companies are trained in many of these tools and overall ecosystem of the Mobile App Development.
When you hire these resources, you are hiring developers who are immediately productive and can focus on your business needs. AI Software has a pool of developers with skills in Xamarin, Xamarin Forms, Azure App Services, SQL, SQL-Lite, Test flight, Hockey App etc.


Direct access to Xamarin and Microsoft support team

Partners have direct long term relationship with Microsoft and Xamarin support teams. Microsoft and Xamarin holds developer and partner conferences and partners attend them. Microsoft also conducts webinars specifically for partners to provide them early access to future tools and features. Partners can leverage that help clients make informed decisions about their mobile applications and overall mobile strategy.



Responsive and experienced team

AI Software customers have always appreciated the responsiveness of our team members and attention to details. We listen and respond quickly to client queries so that their business continues without disruption.

development staff

Development staff in multiple countries

AI Software has development staff in US and India. The team is split as 50-50%. This allows our clients to work with our developers directly in US or India.


Global delivery capabilities

Our resources can travel to client locations as per client requirements. We currently provide onsite staff-augmentation or remote dedicated resources either from US or India locations.


Easy to scale with experienced team members

When you need team with different skills, it would be easier to scale with us as we have resources expert in many Telerik tools as well as standard web and mobile development tools.

Our team includes Solution Architect, Azure and AWS Engineers, .Net Developers, Xamar in Developers, Database Architects, UI/UX professionals, QA Automation engineers, BI Developers and Engineers. We can be your one-stop shop for skilled resources.


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