AI Software LLC recently hosted a full day workshop for AngularJS at its Ahmedabad, India office.

AngularJS is a modern framework for building highly interactive user interface for web and mobile applications. The AngularJS is built by Google and has been used for many enterprise applications. Many organizations are investing into writing their applications using AngularJS. Here is an interesting article to read about the history of AngularJS and what IT Development Managers should know about AngularJS.

At AI Software, we have been training our development teams on modern web development technologies. Last month we had hosted a bootcamp on Azure Machine Learning and Microsoft BOT framework. Our events are free for all and everyone interested in learning new technologies are invited to attend.

This month we hosted a hands-on training on AngularJS. One of the goal of the workshop was that, participants with no prior experience with AngularJS, should be able to build a demo application when the workshop was over.

In this workshop, our trainer Mr. Jinal Shah showcased all the important aspects of the AngularJS framework like Interpolation, Property Binding, Event Binding, Two-way Data Binding, Directives, Observables, and Services. Training method involved presentation plus hands-on tutorials so that participants can implement the same concepts that they were learning during the workshop. The trainer gave few small assignments to the team to create the demo application. The trainer also showcased that how easy it was to create a small application using AngularJS. At the end of the session, all the participants created their first live demo application which performed product listing and product search by fetching the live data from a web service. The trainer also explained how much easy it is to convert the same application into Ionic App by just swapping the HTML code with the Ionic code and without requiring any change to other parts of the code.

The event was attended by AIS staff members and other developers from local community. If you are interested in attending future events, please follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. We will be posting information about more such events in future.