1. Go to https://web.powerapps.com, and sign in with your organization account.
  2. In the left pane, select Apps
  3. Select Create an app > Canvas
  4. Select the SharePoint (Phone Layout) option
  5. The next page will ask you for the SharePoint site to connect to. Enter only the site or subsite URL that contains the list you want to display the data from. Do not include the List/Document Library in this URL.
  6. Once you enter site URL, you will be asked to choose the List from a list. This list only displays lists and not Document Libraries. To enter a Document Library name, enter the name in the “Enter custom list name” text box at the very bottom.
  7. Select the List and click Connect
  8. PowerApps will take a few seconds to create the following default screens for your app and connect to the list you defined as data source:
    1. BrowseScreen1
      1. Allows you to view all the list items
    2. DetailScreen1
      1. Displays the details of a single list item
    3. EditScreen1
      1. Allows you to edit a single list item
  9. You can edit the layout and details displayed on each of these screens.
  10. To edit the layout or list data displayed on the BrowseScreen1:
    1. Select View > Data sources
    2. Select BrowseGallery1 control under BrowseScreen1
    3. You will now see a new Data toolbar appear, allowing you to edit the Data source, layout and fields displayed in each row.
      1. Select the Layout dropdown to choose a different layout for the Browse screen
      2. Use the dropdowns displayed below to change the field displayed.
      3. You can use the Advanced Properties window to modify the text displayed using inbuilt PowerApps functions.
        1. Eg. Concatenate(ThisItem.Title, “CustomText”)
  11. To see a preview of the screen with the changes you made, click the  button available on the top left corner.
  12. Similarly, you can edit the Detail and Edit screens using the Data toolbar.
    1. To Edit the DisplayName of a field, go to the Advanced properties tab, select Unlock to change properties, and change the DisplayName property as required.
  13. Prior to saving your app, you can change a few basic app settings from
    1. File > App settings
      1. Choose an App name to display on all devices
      2. Select an Icon and Icon Background color
      3. Add a Description if you want
      4. Select the Screen size + orientation tab and choose the Portrait or Landscape orientation.
  14. Save the app
    1. From the left navigation pane, select Save > Save button
    2. Once saved, you can share the app with anybody in your organization and give them permissions to either View or Edit the app.
    3. To view this app on your phone.
      1. Install the PowerApps app from the App Store.
      2. Login with your Azure ID
      3. You should be able to see all the apps you have permissions to view/edit/own.
      4. Click on the app to use the app.